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Opioids: At the Intersection of Pain, Addiction and Community

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The opioid class of drugs has been front and center in two public health crises facing our society and the medical professions. On the one side there are millions of Americans who are debilitated by chronic pain and the suboptimal options for managing it. On the other side, we have persistent challenges associated with various chemicals that society takes recreationally and at times compulsively. These include the opioid class of drugs such as heroin and prescription painkillers. A fascinating part to this story is the neuroscience behind the natural opioid (endorphins) and their receptors that are found in all vertebrate brains including humans. This talk will delve into the neurobiology of opioids while connecting it to evolution, social behaviors and the community, ultimately offering some suggestions for addressing the crises. Registration fee includes breakfast and lunch.
Location: Thomas College
Organizer: AdCare
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