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Opioid Overdose Prevention

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Opioid Overdose Prevention is a full-day, interactive workshop that will introduce participants to the neurobiology of opioid addiction, focusing on the brain changes resulting from long-term opioid use and the implications for addiction treatment. This workshop will examine the risk factors for opioid overdose as well as the strategies for addressing these risks. Time will be spent discussing client education and counseling designed to reduce risks for opioid relapses and overdoses and how to integrate trauma-informed strategies into discussions with your clients. Finally, participants will be trained on how to use Narcan for reversing an opioid overdose. Lecture, discussion, case studies and exercises will be used to help participant’s gain knowledge and skills important in facing the current opioid epidemic. Registration fee includes a continental breakfast and lunch.  Early bird fee $50.00 if paid by August 23rd.
Location: Village by the Sea
Organizer: AdCare
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