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Loneliness, Longing, and Belonging

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This 2 day experiential training will explore and address loneliness, longing and belonging from an ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) perspective. We’ll review the basics of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of these unwanted private experiences. We’ll illustrate how people get “stuck” in these experiences – called psychological inflexibility – and end up acting in ways that keep them disconnected and isolated. We’ll illustrate how an ACT approach can help clients both make sense and make contact with these painful thoughts, feelings and sensations in the office. We’ll use the techniques of mindfulness and psychological flexibility to help them be open to making these experiences useful rather than to be avoided. And with increased psychological flexibility, we help them begin to build meaningful connections in their world. Early bird fee, $100.00 if paid by November 6th, 2018. Fee includes a continental breakfast and lunch.
Location: Spectacular Events
Organizer: AdCare
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