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8th Annual Maine Harm Reduction Conference

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Exploring Self-Injury: Harm Reduction Tips: Self-injury is a common and In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore why individuals introduce pain to their bodies, and to practice sitting with discomfort with our own and others’ experiences. The presenters will discuss the many forms of introducing pain to one’s person, and provide information on safer methods to avoid infection or lethal injury, including tips to build kits to support safer methods. How to Open and Operate a Peer-Run, Low-Cost, and Low-Barrier Recovery House: This workshop on recovery-oriented housing will serve to educate peers and providers on process to open a recovery house, as well as the law surrounding it. Particular attention will be devoted to the law, and attendees will learn about how and why recovery-oriented housing is a civil right recognized by the federal government. Recognizing At Risk Drinking Habits:  This workshop will explore assessment tools and give participants insight to their drinking habits, and offer alternative skills to manage problematic behaviors. How to identify, respond to, and risk factors of an opioid overdose:  This workshop will teach you the skills to be able to recognize and help a person experiencing an opioid overdose. You will also learn factors that increase your risk of an opioid overdose.
Location: Jeff’s Catering
Organizer: Health Equity Alliance
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